Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kambree Lynn

Kambree is such a sweet little girl she is growing so fast it's crazy. She has turned into the sweetest loving little girl I know. She is usually willing to share and help whenever she can. She has a great determination to go with her positive attitude and a laugh that is very very contagious we just love her to pieces.
Some of her funny sayings
" I not the baby, I Kambree"
" that's not nice to say"
" be nice to me " ( with her lip out)
" knuckles boom"

She also likes to sing and picks up on choruses fast - to cute!!!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

New car whooo

So I decided to trade in the white sexy mini van in for a new set of wheels. I was actually very surprised when I was able to get my car that has turned out to be the best car I have ever have love it to pieces. 2010 Pontiac G6

More Christmas

Here are a few more of my favorite pic from Christmas day. This Christmas many angels helped out to make this day a very warm and special day filled with love

Christmas 2011

Christmas was fun this year with the kids we went to dans for Christmas eve and Santa came Christmas morning we relaxed and had lots of fun during our vacation. Santa asked ky if she wanted a boyfriend for Christmas we were all relieved when she said no

Thanksgiving 2011

So for thanksgiving I got my kids and we voyaged to Rexburg to have turkey on turkey day. It was a nice relaxing day full of family and food. It's so crazy how the days go by so fast sometimes we forget to stop and think of all the things and people we are grateful for.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New place = new friends and bonds

With the new changes all of us have also made some friendships that are beyond compare. Between neighbors work and school our little family is definitely surround by love care and compassion. Kyleigh and McKenna have a friendship that is full of laughter maturity and fun. Kasyn kambree and Dante are good friends that have a love hate friendship. Kayden and cree are two boys that are the same they laugh and share so many similarities. I have also met some strong beautiful couragages women that I have a bond with that is tighter then ever. Friends are so so important in life what would we do with out